Freaky “Wacky Weave” Friday

Model with bridgework hair

This model’s length has multi-toned color that contrasts nicely above her head in this massive, twisted framework.  Inspired by her dress and earrings, we applaud the efforts, however realize that the average gal on the street would only sport it for Freaky Friday.
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Freaky K.O. Friday

Kelly Osbourne Strange Short Hairstyle

Short hair so far has looked great on Kelly Osbourne, particularly in this color.  The extreme part with sweeping bangs is an awesome move and even quite trendy at the moment.  However, this combination on her is a little off, especially when combined with her choice of adornment.  What is with her and bows anyway?  Some of the best pictures of this category, featuring this KO have been when she has worn some sort of a weird bow.  It’s all an odd mystery and therefore deserves to be on Freaky Friday.
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Freaky Wired Friday

Renzo Rosso Wild Hairstyle

Although we do not know what Renzo Rosso is wired for, it is quite obvious that his entire head appears to be just that.  Shame of it is, he is just trying to get his natural, flaming style to conform to today’s hot look, and he would be successful were it not for the frizz his hair possesses.   He needs some conditioning, true, yet styling products like wax or freeze and shine spray would really make a quick fix.  Somebody get him to a salon quick and out of Freaky Friday.
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Freaky Hat Friday

Deborah Gregory with a Freaky Friday Hat

Any adornment on the head, to include hair bands or hats, becomes part of the look or hairstyle.  Though her curl on the ends are well formed and gorgeous, Deborah Gregory’s look cannot be topped, so the pink bunny that keeps going and going has been appropriately deemed Freaky Friday.
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Freaky “Gaga” Friday

Lady Gaga

Fringe this thick and heavy is a blonde tribute to the mophead of Moe.  And with them being a deliberate cut into the style along with their obvious off color to the rest of the look, this must be part of the act and certainly Freaky Friday.
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Freaky “McRibbin” Friday

Nikki McKibbin Short Red Hairdtyle

As time passes, we may see more and more crayon colors adorning the heads of random people.  However, bright and vibrant shades of unnatural hair color like this raspberry red on Nikki McKibbin remains a shade best suited for ribbons or package bows to most people. and for now therefore is deemed Freaky Friday.
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Freaky “Bang roll” Friday

Christina Aguilera Hairstyle

Christina Aguilera is famous for her long, platinum white hair.  However, here, she just appears to be wearing a bad, leftover Halloween wig.  The rolled under bangs, that should have never been in style, went out with the ’90’s and they were never this severe.  This one has to go in our favorite pop star bad hair days album for 2008 and definitely is flying here for Freaky Friday.
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