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February 26, 2009

Alyson Stoner at the L.A. Premiere of ‘Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience’

Alyson Stoner Long Wavy Style

A good ceramic curling iron, time, and patience will create this wonderful style that  Alyson Stoner has.  Taking the same sized sections all along your all-one-length hair, vertically wrap hair in spiral fashion, hold about 10 seconds, release and leave each one undisturbed to be piled into a look like this.

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February 25, 2009

Nicola McLean at the Inanch Hair Salon in London

Nicola McLean Formal Hairstyle
Nicola McLean Back of Formal Hairstyle

Nicola McLean has a messy formal style that begins as a loose French braid on her two-toned hair.  Since she has a considerable length to work with, once the braid reached the base of her skull, hair was secured, then sections from the remaining length were arranged and pinned one at a time.

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February 21, 2009

Haylie Duff Celebrates Her Birthday at the Bank Nightclub

Haylie Duff Long Brunette Hair

This long style on Haylie Duff is quite healthy looking.  However, she would benefit from some long bangs to hide her high forehead and more layers to texture up her style, widening out her somewhat long face.  The longer and straighter hair is, the more it narrows up this face type.

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February 20, 2009

Kate Walsh at the Global Green U.S.A.’s 6th Annual Pre-Oscar Party

Kate Walsh Medium Length Bob Hairstyle

This bob haircut on Kate Walsh is quite traditional on one side, yet on the heavy side, some asymmetry comes out as well as an undercut to aid in the ends rolling under. This type of haircut is best done on hair with at least medium density.

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February 18, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Attends the Matthew Williams N.Y. Store Opening

Lindsay Lohan Long hair

Lindsay Lohan shows off the multi-tones of this caramel color in her extra long style that she keeps framing layers and beautiful twists designed in.     Her long and beautiful face really opens up with this traditional, yet off-center part that she probably utilizes to camouflage the widow’s peak she seems to have, though a side part would cover it better and keep the wind from possibly revealing it. 

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February 16, 2009

Nicola McLean at the “Ben 10: Alien Force” V.I.P. Premiere

Nicole McLean Formal Style

Pulled back into a formal style, Nicola McLean’s hairstyle takes on a retro "quiff" look with this backbrushed section on top dead center.   This is a perfect way to elongate the face of anyone who has a short round one.

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February 14, 2009

Model from Mercedes Benz IMG N.Y. Fashion Week Fall 2009

How to do a dry hair set

Models have to get their hair and makeup done quickly so who better to learn from for a great style to get you up and running too.  Hair that has been shampooed and dried with styling product is rolled up in sections, in this case under for volume, pinned and best spritzed LIGHTLY with (watered down) spray gel.  Sit under a hot dryer for 10-15 mins.  Allow set to cool completely, remove pins and start with shaking the style, then finger combing, all the while being careful not to disturb or pull the set out until you’ve determined the hairstyle is in place.  You may have to carefully coerce some twists or waves by perhaps twirling hair around your fingers.

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