Red Hairstyles – Drew Barrymore

2012 Hairsytles, Drew Barrymore
Date: 2012-03-12

Drew Barrymore’s hair color is absolutely stunning. This golden red hue is a great winter color. Plus it complements her Snow White skin tone. However, the downside to this shade is that red, although vibrant and beautiful at first, fades quickly. Reds are very high maintenance and require professional product and regular trips to your hairstylist.

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Jennifer Garner’s Beach Like Hairstyle Waves

Jennifer Garner’s Long Hairstyles 2012

It seems as if clients are constantly entering the salon asking for the look Jennifer Garner is wearing. Everbody wants the loose beach-like waves. This look is actually very easy to achieve. Using your Chi flat iron, place a small section of your hair near the root into the flat iron with the flat iron being held vertically. Turn the flat iron half way and keeping the flat iron clamped pull it through to the ends of your hair. Continue these steps throughout the rest or your hair. When you are finished curling your whole head, rub a little bit of wax or pomade into hands and run thru hair to give your curls some separation. Now you have Jennifer’s curls/wave.

photo: Ken McCoy / PR Photos

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Jennifer Lopez Bob Hairstyle – Pinned Up Hair Bob

Jennifer Lopez Bob Hair Style

Do you have long hair and are not sure if you want to a long term commitment in going shorter? Jennifer Lopez shows how you can wear it short for just one evening out. For this particular style, Jennifer Lopez has curled her long locks of hair. Once finished curling, her hair was then strategically tucked at the nape/base of her neck and then pinned. Thus giving her a bobbed style without the cut. So if your apprehensive about cutting a bob on yourself, just try pinning your hair to look shorter and you won’t have any regrets.

Photographer: Janet Mayer / PR Photos

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Rosie Huntington Whiteley Long Hairstyle with Tousled Loose Curls

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Long Hairstyles
Rosie Huntington Whiteley has been the talk of everyone since the release of Transformers 3. As a model and now an actress, Rosie is constantly in the public eye and as a result so is her hair. The tousled, loose curls that Rosie is sporting are a perfect compliment to her facial structure. The curls help to soften her defined cheekbones and jawline. Also, her center part adds balance to the style to really enhance her bone structure. This is a perfect style for someone with similar features.

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Hollywood Hair Goes Longer and Bouncier!

Jessica Alba Bob Haircut
In 2011, Hollywood has decided to keep it long, instead of short! This year, one can see that most celebrities have not only refrained from cutting short their tresses, but have also maintained a simple look, by not getting any layers done on their long cuts!

The most trendy cut observed of late is the bob. Thought that might immediately bring to mind Victoria Beckham’s forever fab look that she often sports. But no, this one is different. Think along the lines of Kate Bosworth and Jessica Alba in recent times. The hair is kept somewhat below the level of shoulders, suggesting the growth away from neck level bob cut.

You are most encouraged to go for this look if you have a long or stately neckline to flaunt. Even otherwise, since the hair in this style can be tied into a ponytail, it brings a new look to you.

Hollywood divas are going off the layering block by opting for this log bob look, where the hair is cut out in an even level. The neat ends seem to be more appealing to the celebs as it allows them to get a naturally thicker look, which is not always the case with layers.

Some Hollywood celebs, those who avoid the beaten path, are seen going for the uneven cut towards the end, which brings some sharpness and focus to the face. Jessica Alba is often seen sporting a parting on this cut, indicating how the bob cut can allow this, which was often not possible on the short bob or the layered look. The older layered look required the ladies to keep adjusting their hair in the back brush style mostly.

According to hairstylists, the best part about the long bob cut is that it reflects light off the head in the best way and brings a refreshing factor to the screen after a long time.

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Maria Sharapova’s long blonde hairstyle

Tennis player Maria Sharapova poses for photographers as she showcases the Paloma Picasso Tiffany & Co earrings that she will wear on court at the 2010 Australian Open next week at the Collins Street Tiffancy & Co store on January 13, 2010 in Melbourne, Australia. The luxury brand provides the star with earrings to wear at each of the four Grand Slam events in which she participates annually. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images) Content © 2010 Getty Images All rights reserved.

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