Kim Kardashian Elegant Updo

Kim Kardashian Updo

This is a great elegant and classy style for an evening out or wedding. It is something that can easily be created at home. The hair should be straightened and free of frizz. Using an anti-frizz serum can help eliminate any frizz and give you the shine that you can see in Kim’s hair. Then part your hair wherever you desire and pull back tightly into a ponytail. The ponytail is then wrapped around itself to form this sleek bun and pinned in place with bobby pins. Now your ready for your night out.

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You’ve decided on a hairstyle first


Personality lives in your style, speaking before you say a word.    Yet no matter what you choose, make sure your face and neck features are small or average sized before considering any volume. For round faces, height on top is perfect with close to the head designs on the side, whether worn up or down.   For a long face or a high forehead, today’s long bangs will break up the natural elongation.  


Fancy hairstyles need to be contrasted with a low key dress.  Shopping for a colorful or bold gown may mean you have to tone down the selected hairstyle.  You can have a trendy updo, just keep it simple.  Choosing a loud dress to match with a big, bold hairstyle will definitely be overkill, especially if your makeup ends up making a statement all its own.   You have to decide on only one thing to dominate.


You’ve bought the perfect dress, now which hairstyle?


Strapless or thin spaghetti straps?  Should you show off your beautiful neck and shoulders or adorn them?  Yes, jewelry is an option, however, decide on the possibilities.  Do you look best in an enveloping, layered style worn down or the sensuous look of an updo?    Updos look great anytime, particularly worn with gowns that have full bodices as they already cover the shoulders.   They add height and elegance to your entire look, showing off any earrings.  And they offer a multitude of designs making the possibilities endless


Quiet:  Classic doughnut buns situated on the crown is a current hot look.  On thick hair, you don’t have to pin it all down, leave a few tendrils loose, crimped into waves.  Ponytails are still an easy, yet great, formal look and braids are forever.


Loud:  If your gown is plain, whether wearing up or down, try colorful highlights in your hair to match or highlight your attire.  A multitude of extensions are available that would add depth and texture ranging from wavy on straight hair, or bold colors applied to monotones.  


Perhaps an updo is not you.  Trying braids designed anywhere in the style can be fun.  You could plait just one or two on both front sides and then clip in the back center, designing the rest in waves.  This is a medieval style that’s easy, or add more braids for an intricate design in this category. 


Another exquisite idea is to pull the length around to one side for an asymmetrical look.  Several long, vertical twists, or just a large, single one will look great in any kempt, one-sided length.





Short hair formals


Wearing your short hair in the opposite texture you normally do, is an elegant, classy approach to an evening look.  Keep your facial features in mind as mentioned above.   If you usually wear your short hair with volume, consider flattening the style out, combing it back for a faux updo.  Of if straight and tucked behind the ears is your everyday look, bring it out by back-brushing the crown area up high as this is very trendy now and a perfect foundation for that tiara.  Short to medium lengths could have vertical curls, spikes or little twist designs.   Show off any texture layers.   Spray on a streak or two of color if you are the bold personality type.  Should you be more reserved, go for today’s hot, retro look of the ‘30’s or ‘40’s.  Extensions can turn your short locks into something more to work with, either up, or down in a glorious mane with waves.


And any look can be adorned with a random fancy barrette or favorite decorative bobby pin.  This trend is becoming very popular with the fasteners being strictly for looks.


Remember, it is important to have whoever is designing your hair, experiment until you find what you like best and then practice it; then go home to check it out with the gown on.  This will make your prom day stress free and fun!  

Relax.  You’re going to look beautiful!!!



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