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February 19, 2009

Victoria Beckham at the New Armani Store Opening on 5th Avenue

Victoria Beckham Short Hairstyle
Victoria Beckham Pixie Short Crop side view

Victoria Beckham has gradually cropped her coif to this shorter, pixie cut that hangs in a heavier taper in the back replacing her once inverted wedge.   Her hair color is dark enough to contrast beautifully against her skin and bring out her eyes, yet it is rich enough to proclaim a rich, chocolate shade, lightened only by the flash of a camera.

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Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud at the 2009 Brit Awards

Sarah Harding Short Crop

Bob hairstyles can certainly have attitutde like this one on Sarah Harding.     This style may be cut close in the back, however, the longer front sections allow for versatility enough to enable some bends and twists in an asymmetrical venture.

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February 18, 2009

Charlene Wittstock at the New Armandi Store Opening on 5th Avenue

Charlene Wittstock Short Hairstyle

Some women are inherently lucky to have a perfect, oval shaped face, small features and a beautiful neck they can show off.  Ladies like Charlene Wittstock can easily wear short, revealing styles that are so easy to wear and maintain and seen here slicked back off the face, is a great way to present it for any formal occasion. 

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February 16, 2009

Connie Fisher at the Theatregoers 2009 Choice Awards

Connie Fisher Short cut with electric red haircolor

This is a choppy, pixie type cut that lacks in precision, ergo the choppy, razored method.  Connie Fisher may even have a very short, spikey cut done on the back of this colorful, unnatural red that could be considered her own unique style, possibly a scene hair classification.

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February 14, 2009

Parker Posey at the 59th Annual Berlin Film Festival for Premiere of “Happy Tears”

Parker Posey Short Bob Hairstyle

Bob hairstyles will never go out of style.   When it looks as good as this does on Parker Posey and it is easy to maintain and wear, it will be a preference by many for as long as we wear hair.

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February 13, 2009

Brigitte Nielsen at the “Bondi Blondes” Party Hosted by Katy Perry

Brigitte Nielsen Super Short Hairstyle

Like Ms. Stone, Brigitte Nielsen has kept herself in great shape, therefore affording her the luxury of any bold, short style.  She keeps it at a length of just a few inches, then slicks it back on the sides and only allows some lift on top of what appears to be natural body, for an exquisite short, formal style.

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February 6, 2009

Emily McNamee of the “Bad Lashes” on a Night Out

Emily McNamee Short Hairstyle

This ultra white cut is chic and stylish, and a new generation preference that is neither emo or punk believe it or not.   Lift is given to the crown area by back brushing while chunky layering creates the staggered sections and tapering along the back bottom.

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