Amber Stevens at the 59th Annual Ace Eddie Awards at the Beverly Hilton

Amber Stevens Long formal Ponytail

Girls this is an easy to do, elegant formal that you can wear for your special prom night that requires minimum preparation.  Amber Stevens demonstrates a low riding ponytail that appears anchored right at the base of the occipital bone, (a little higher than right at the nape of the neck)  then a large barrel iron is used to make one large vertical ringlet in the tail itself.  She also pulled out a lone tendril on the side and applied wave which gives an accent to the entire style.
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Lily Cole at the 59th Annual Berlin Film Festival for the Photocall of “Rage”

Lily Cole Gorgeous Redhead

Gorgeous red curl twists adorn the shoulders of Lily Cole in this natural copper color that is impossible to replicate even with today’s technology.  She has a look that is breathtaking and we hope she never abandons this flaming tone as one can never go back to their natural red hair again unless they cut it off and start all over again.
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