August 2, 2007

Cassie Enjoying a Summer Day

Cassie Hairstyle

Shine. We all want it, yet do we realize how important it is as a ‘reflection’ to the health of our hair.   Flat irons definitely give us that shine as it uses to heat to close up each hair strand, allowing light to bounce off  in all its radiant glory such as this style on the lovely, Cassie.

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March 5, 2007

Cassie at the 8th Annual “Family Day”

Cassie long hairstyle

Cassie shows off her long style with soft body and rich color.  The beauty of this look has to be the blonde streaks within the warm brown tones.

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June 14, 2006

Cassie’s Curls


The deep wave on top of Cassie’s head proves her hair to be thick and quite wavy. This gorgeous young lady may have naturally curly hair, yet you can achieve results like this on your own long locks. 

Placing vertical curls throughout sections parted crown to nape with a curling iron will produce ringlets just like these.  Curls will fall into this natural shape as long as you don’t disturb them with any combs, brushes or picks.   For very long hair, there are curling iron barrels available just for you such as the fantastic Sharper Image Ceramic Spiral Styler CA890.   This iron is comparably priced to other irons, heats quickly and comes with a whopping 14 inch barrel to accommodate longer hair.  No reason to envy those with ready made spirals.

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