February 25, 2009

Gretchen Mol at the World Premiere of “An American Affair”

Gretchen Mol Short Hairstyle

In a golden aura, this blonde, short style on Gretchen Mol is beautiful on her perfect, oval face.   Her hair appears to be fine in texture, and softened with a little curl which offsets the different lengths from the sides to the back. 

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June 19, 2008

Gretchen Mol at The Whitney Comtemporaries Art & Party Auction

Gretchen Mol Short Hairstyle

Here Gretchen Mol looks ‘cool’ in her bob-like cut that is an all-one length snipped just below the earlobes.  A little curl on the ends and she has a chic evening look for an already maintenance-free hairstyle.

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October 22, 2007

Gretchen Mol at the “Viva La Cure” Benefiting Women Cancer Research Fund

Gretchen Mol Hairstyle

All-one-length hair will have this fullness along the length whether it is short, medium or long.  This particular look on Gretchen Mol is easily designed on the top layers by giving it some vertical curls and waves.

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March 26, 2007

Gretchen Mol at Elton John’s 60th Birthday Party

Gretchen Mol Hairstyle

Gretchen Mol has kept her hair pretty much all-one-length so far this year, however, she’s gone from a strawberry blonde, to a sassy redhead at the Oscars to this now all blonde color in a short time frame.   Though her hair is basically considered short, she has incorporated some extreme sweeps that are clipped back into place with some low riding twists in the back created to top off her formal attire.   Brushing hair far over from one side goes against hair’s natural gravitational pull and therefore creates "lift" from the scalp in this area.  Using this for height and avoiding backbrushing gives it that slight, dramatic flair perfect for a night out.   Clipping it into place around towards the back gives short hair the mock appearance of an updo.  Twists are done to hold shorter hair into a coil that were first curled with a curling iron to help them to stay in place.  One big twist or a couple of smaller ones can be used, all rolled closely together and pinned down to give the illusion of a faux French twist, all integrated together for a great formal style.  

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