Kate Hudson from the Movie “The Bride Wars”

Kate Hudson Formal Wedding Hairstyle

Today’s bride can have a style that carries a classic, eloquent design yet have features that makes her bridesmaid stylishly envious.  From the hair designers for this movie, we learn that many factors can be intricately applied into one formal look to include straight lines and curls, comformity and messy tendrils, as well as trendy, multi- colors all offset with heavy fringe as this style on Kate Hudson demonstrates.

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Kate Hudson Arriving at the “Movies Rock” 2007

Kate Hudson Hairstyle

Large, loose waves like these on Kate Hudson, can be easily obtained by vertically applying them.  The texture and structure of your hair determines the best method to obtain and apply curls or waves which will remain ever lasting .  Though the best way to keep locked-in curls is with an old-fashioned set, these could have been done with a large curling iron, cooled and relaxed.
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