February 26, 2009

Kate Moss Walking Through London After Filming Comic Relief

Kate Moss Blonde Medium Length

One might feel that kate Moss’ hairstyle is ordinary, yet her gold tone is an acquired one, that was designed over darker undertones.  At a great length that includes manageability and versatility combined, medium long has a lot to offer.

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January 23, 2008

Kate Moss at the Punk Nightclub in London for her 34th Birthday

Kate Moss Hairstyle

She’s a shining star with her gold eye design to match her golden style.  Kate Moss has a mass of vertical curls, free-falling in her medium length, ready to boogie the night away.

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November 16, 2007

Kate Moss at the “Black Tie Gala”

Kate Moss Hairstyle

This medium style is one many working women prefer for ease of maintenance and a speedy fix in the early morning hours.   Kate Moss shows us a great look that comes to life with wonderful highlights leaving all the work in the salon.

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