March 23, 2009

Kelli Pickler at the 7th Annual “Dressed to Kilt” Charity Fashion Show

Kelli Pickler

This modern, frivolous style is an organized mass of back-brushed sections on the top of this blonde style which may look a bit strange to some, however, it is actually quite clever and trendy.   Bold statements like these can easily be made by a classy, well toned lady like Kelli Pickler.

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May 21, 2007

TODAY’S FEATURE: Coverage from the 2007 Academy of Country Music Awards

Kelli Pickler

Kelli Pickler Hairstyle

On Tuesday, May 15th, American Idol’s Kelli Pickler joined the ranks during this year’s CMA’s wearing her latest hairstyle.   An asymmetrical cut, that spirals around in length growing from a little above shoulder length to just below, is definitely a traffic stopper!

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