Kristin Chenoweth Performing in “Four Christmases”

Kristin Chenoweth Medium Long Hairstyle

Looking for a great, full volume style that will fill out fine hair types with popularity?   These great vertical curls on Kristin Chenoweth can be obtained with irons, or a roller set, however to keep it frizz free and long-lasting, brush out all tangles on hair dried with a little gel and mousse, rolling up two inch sections on fine hair, one inch on medium to thick density into vertical rolls and pin.  Heat under a dryer or a diffused blow dryer, then cool completely.  Remove pins carefully and finger comb with or without a tiny, tiny bit of hairwax on the ends.
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Kristin Chenoweth at the TV Guide Emmy After Party

Kristin Chenoweth Long Formal Hairstyle

A "half-do" is simply a style where only half the hair is pulled back and fastened, though it doesn’t seem appropriate to refer to this for Kristin Chenoweth’s hairdo since more than half of her style flows down her back.    This style literally opens up her beautiful face allowing us to see the real Kristin as well as her lovely earrings.

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