February 13, 2009

Lily Cole at the 59th Annual Berlin Film Festival for the Photocall of “Rage”

Lily Cole Gorgeous Redhead

Gorgeous red curl twists adorn the shoulders of Lily Cole in this natural copper color that is impossible to replicate even with today’s technology.  She has a look that is breathtaking and we hope she never abandons this flaming tone as one can never go back to their natural red hair again unless they cut it off and start all over again.

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September 16, 2008

Lily Cole Launches New Reader from Sony

Lily Cole Long, Red Hair

Known as a super model, Lily Cole "wows" us with her beautiful coppery red hair.   Having been a brunette, dark blonde, strawberry blonde, and electric red, this shade and style is more natural, appearing to be the results of a fresh perm.

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June 14, 2008

Lily Cole at the “For Art’s Sake” Open House Gallery

Lily Cole Medium Long Hairstyle

A hat, like any other article of clothing, will be easily identified as being ‘in style’ when it is worn during the season it was purchased.  Considered a hair fashion, one may use it to dress up their style or to hide a bad hair day.    Here Lily Cole looks fabulously chic in hers against her auburn color. 

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May 15, 2008

Lily Cole at the “Time for Peace” Music & Film Awards

Lily Cole Long Hairstyle

About to hit her 20th birthday, this new actress in Hollywood, may just well be remembered for her natural red hair.  Lily Cole has a lot of volume in these waves that can be produced with a flatiron!

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