August 20, 2009

Rihanna’s new hairstyle

Rihanna leaving trendy members club Shoreditch House, London. Picture by: Splash News

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December 30, 2008

Rihanna at Z100′s Annual Jingle Ball Concert

Rihanna Short Sassy Style

Rihanna has certainly given us a variety of short styles this past year, having cut off her length to indulge in the mania of short hair fashion.  Here she wears a rather cropped coif along the bottom that is cut completely around the ears, yet has a lot of heavy style on the top.

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November 21, 2008

Rihanna at the 2008 Unicef Snowflake Lighting

Rihanna Formal Short Style

This formal takes on a "high and tight" female version of a style that is asymmetric with the light side curled and designed over to a now even heavier side.  A dramatic role is played within this short, evening design on Rihanna, that would have all heads turning when out for a night on the town.

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September 6, 2008

Rihanna at the 5th Anniversary of “Fashion Rocks” at Radio City Music Hall

Rihanna Short Hairstyle

Rihanna has the perfect features to wear this boyish clipper cut beautifully.    The intense style to this bold, edgy look has to be the sharp lines in contrast to the pompadour on top.


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January 29, 2008

Rihanna at the NRJ 2008 Music Awards

Rihanna Hairstyle

Rhianna has always had great styles, especially her short cuts that show a lot of passion.  This top heavy, short look is especially head turning with the sharp points that fall down across her face, ironically drawing more attention to the eyes she plays peek-a-boo with.

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December 9, 2007

Rihanna at the 59th Bambi Awards at the Congress Center

Rihanna Hairstyle

Nature surfaces in the fashion and decor worlds, so why not take your fav look and sport those beloved colors indefinitely.  Rihanna wears the stripes of copper brown and platinum blonde, artistically mimicking a beautiful, feather-like appearance.

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November 13, 2007

Rihanna at the 2007 World Music Awards

Rihanna Medium Hairstyle

There was a time when stray strands like these would have to be re-curled and smoothed tightly into the style.   However, today’s trends not only allow their sporadic behavior, they have even been picked out and deliberately placed like these on Rihanna’s gorgeous look.

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