Tara Conner at a Press Conference for “The Girls of Hedsor Hall”

Tara Conner Formal Hairdo

Those with medium length hair at an all-one-length will find comfort in this formal look that Tara Conner models.   This evening look can be easily achieved by doing an extreme part and side sweep, back brushing the crown area for height and uniformity, then gather low at the base of the skull in a fancy clip.  Curl under if short ponytail does not already do so, all for a faux bun.
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2006 Miss USA

This photo, taken on February 1st, shows a perfect sedu style on Tara Conner, the now reigning Miss U.S.A.   While nothing short of a perm will plump up her fine hair, Tara bravely takes on a au courant haircut  which was done to help the style better frame her face.   Tara will relinquish her title on March 23rd when the new Miss USA will be announced and crowned for 2007.

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