Britney Spears Switching on the Nokia Theatre Christmas Tree Lights

Britney Spears Formal Hairstyle

Here is a reliable standby for a formal that’s quick to design to get you ready in a flash for that New Year’s dinner and dance.  Britney Spears has a style that is backbrushed some in the crown area for lift and then smoothed, brought back and done in a French Twist or a variety of clipped gatherings.   This look is suitable for round, diamond, inverted triangle, square-faced and always oval shapes; anything that can have some height and best to not add width.
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Freaky Extensions Friday

Britney Spears Bad Extensions

Time and time again, Britney Spears makes public appearances, making or wearing bad choices such as these past due hair extensions.   When the camera catches her, we will continue to make every effort to share her bad hairstyles on Freaky Friday.

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Freaky Neon Christmas Friday

Britney Spears Pink Wig

Are you frantic from all the stuff on your "to-do" list?   Why not get a wig like Britney Spears to plop on your head when you have no time for hairstyling?   This color screams at you, though you could go find a lovely red or green one to be festive.   However, don’t wear it into the new year or you too may find yourself featured on Freaky Friday.
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