Elizabeth Berkley at the “Do Something Awards”

Elizabeth Berkley Long Wavy Hairstyle

An easy way to get these waves like Elizabeth Berkley is wearing would be to do multiple braids all through your all-one-length hair.   Never braid wet hair as it will take forever to dry and you need the braids to be dry lest you’ll have frizz and no waves.  Rather wet your fingers with watered down gel and run this gel sparingly down the length of the strands, braid and allow to dry overnight (8 hrs.).  A quick fix would involve braiding dry hair, clip ends of braids to scalp and sit under a dryer allowing the braids to get heated, then turn setting to cool.  Completely cool and remove braids.   Also, NEVER brush or comb waves out, only GENTLY finger comb as little as possible to separate and remove tangles.
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