Jessica Biel at the CNN Heroes All Star Tribute

Jessica Biel Medium Hairstyle

When it comes to confidence in your appearance, what could be better than finding the perfect hairstyle for your face and hair type, other than beauitful skin, of course.   Your hair is the first thing really noticable about your head area and getting a perfect design, like this vertically curled, all-one-medium-length on Jessica Biel is as attainable as the time taken to do a self-analysis.
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Freaky “Scraggly” Friday

Jessica Biel One of 2008 Worst Hairstyles

Perhaps Jessica Biel was in a hurry when she prepared herself for an evening out on the red carpet.  However, it would have been better to have skipped the event altogether or even showed up late than to have this disgraceful look that didn’t get any better in all the poses the photographers caught and therefore is worthy of Freaky Friday.
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Jessica Biel at the Orange British Academy Film Awards

Jessica Biel Hairstyle

There are some who just shouldn’t go blonde.  With colors and hues being divided into warm and cool, the best rule of thumb is to remember that with hair and makeup, the two different tone categories do not blend well together.  Jessica Biel has a pink cast to her complexion, making it appear rosy, and that cool tone just doesn’t look good against the warm, orange cast of her new hair color.

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Jessica Biel at the Screening of “Darfur Now”

Jessica Biel Short Hairstyle

Fashion trends can be difficult to predict, as 2007 had lots of long hair, some heavy for the summer and now that cooler weather is moving in, more ladies are cutting their manes.    Though you would think that weather would influence the opposite, asymmetrical bobs like this one on Jessica Biel’s fine hair does look chic and would be great to wear with the collars of winter coats and sweaters.
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