Kim Kardashian Elegant Updo

Kim Kardashian Updo

This is a great elegant and classy style for an evening out or wedding. It is something that can easily be created at home. The hair should be straightened and free of frizz. Using an anti-frizz serum can help eliminate any frizz and give you the shine that you can see in Kim’s hair. Then part your hair wherever you desire and pull back tightly into a ponytail. The ponytail is then wrapped around itself to form this sleek bun and pinned in place with bobby pins. Now your ready for your night out.

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“Buns” the Word

Lisa Rinna Formal Twisted Bun StyleChristina Milian Formal Updo
Lisa Rinna                                                                       Christina Milian
Kim Kardashian Formal Updo BunPaula Abdul Updo Formal with adornment

Kim Kardashian                                                                Paula Abdul
In this double "Two for Tuesday", these celebrities prove that the high, and mighty, bun is back in business.  With most of these gals showing up at the Grammy Awards, it was a double take all over.  These thick, dense manes are either natural or not, however, it’s all in the finished product.  Whether done in a braided twist or a retro ’60’s style roll, this formal is hot and a consideration for all brides, party goers and prom attendees.
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Kim Kardashian at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring ’09 Show

Kim Kardashian Long, Wavy Style

The long, all-one-length mane on Kim Kardashian sports an extra deep wave that free falls from scalp to ends.  To achieve this look at home, heat up an extra large barrel iron and crimp in one set place on the length of a section, then turn the iron around and crimp down the shaft doing so at regular intervals, changing the direction of the iron with each crimping, in, out, etc. as you perform your design.
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