Virtual Hair Styling was once only realized in the more posh, elite salons. Today, you can enjoy the very excitement of ‘hair style shopping’ right from your computer.

We have found and reviewed the TOP virtual hairstyling service available today. Here it is…


TheHairStyler is a great site for trying on virtual hairstyles. You can choose face shape and features similar to your own or, like the other virtual hairstyling sites listed here, upload your own picture to their home page. Seeing yourself in many different styles is the ultimate way to determine your best look.

Although this site requires its own criteria in photographing yourself, their approach to the multitude of hairstyles is refreshing. For each style selected, a description is also loaded giving in depth details of the style and more importantly how it’s achieved. A complete rundown of how to obtain the style by directing you with what specific products, tools and the time it takes to do so everyday, are here at your disposal. It even charts what face shapes and hair textures are best for each cut or style. These explanations even list notes that will direct the stylist as to where layers might be given and even explains if they are razor or jagged cut, etc.

One high point is that the description tells you if the style is low, medium or high maintenance. This is important information for women on the go. The transition for loading one style after the other might take a second to load, yet since it loads all the details that accompany it, the total time taken to view many hairstyles is well worth it considering the education you will receive with each new hairstyle. With a click or two of the mouse, you can quickly change haircolors or their respective shades as you adorn your mirrored self with all the different styles.

Arguably the most exciting part about this particular virtual styling site would have to be the selection of celebrity hairstyles. Yes, here’s a site that gives you hundreds of celebrity pics and with just a click, you can view each star’s look on your own head! Search capabilities are there to find your favorite celeb. Click on that picture and TheHairStyler will show you exactly what you look like with that famous person’s hairstyle!

There are many categories in addition to celebrities to include classic looks, formals, alternatives, dreadlocks and more. This is not a site filled with average or boring hairstyles. Rather, it’s fun, current and classy. Packed with tips, ideas, and hundreds of every hairstyle you can imagine, you will never have to guess which look is best for you again. And yes, you can print all your favorite looks to take to your next salon appointment or share with your friends. Try TheHairStyler today!


Using barrettes, head bands or anything ‘flat’ to hold hair in place, brush all of your hair back off your face. Likewise, all longer hair hanging on your neck or back should be pinned up out of sight. No stray strands should be hanging or touching any part of your face, ears or neck. Make-up and a closed smile are encouraged however, as you have someone take a couple of digital pictures. Upload them to your PC, select your favorite shot, and get ready to enjoy the anticipation of a whole new look for you!